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Hey there, I am Juliette and I was thrown on this planet 16 years ago in a small country named The Netherlands. I love art, squirrels, One Direction and a lot of other stuff. I pretty much post a bunch of quotes on here so yeah.. Leave a little message here Pop up my Cbox it makes my day! Make sure you leave your URL aswell and I'll check it out! :) hehe (Everything on here is mine. Please don't change the source because Karma is a bitch. Thank you). PLEASE FOLLOW MY ART ACCOUNT ON INSTAGRAM @JUULBIRDX_DRAWS

I’m not be responsible for any eye damage.. looking at the following photos only at your own risk.

Hello there, you clicked on the “About me”-page so you probably want to get to know me a bit better. I’m not really that interesting but I’ll try not to waste your time on reading this. Okay let’s start…

Nice to meet you, I’m Juliette! I was born 16 years ago in a little country named The Netherlands (And no, we don’t smoke weed and wear wooden shoes… at least not all the time. jk ;)) I always have loved to draw and to cut things in half, some people call it ‘destroying things’ I call it ‘creativity’. Anyways, I’m still in high school but I would love to do some sort of art school after graduation. 
I’m pretty weird! I have a huge obsession with squirrels :) And as some of you might have noticed, I love One Direction! I’ve been to one of their concerts in London on the 24th of February 2013 and I’ve been to the 1D concert in my own country Holland on the 3th of May- BEST DAY OF MY LIFE WOOPWOOP - London is probably my favorite place on earth. I haven’t been to much other places tho.. but you get the point. I’ve been in London once and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! 
Things I love to do are: being with friends, shopping, drawing, watching movies and tumblr’ing of course! Entering the world of Tumblr is probably the best thing I have ever done in my entire life, which shows how much I have accomplished so far -___-’ lol.
So yea, that’s it guess.. if you guys have questions - just visit my Askbox and ask away! I love to answer your questions or to help you guys :) My Askbox is always open! 

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