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Hey there, I am Juliette and I was thrown on this planet 16 years ago in a small country named The Netherlands. I love art, squirrels, One Direction and a lot of other stuff. I pretty much post a bunch of quotes on here so yeah.. Leave a little message here Pop up my Cbox it makes my day! Make sure you leave your URL aswell and I'll check it out! :) hehe (Everything on here is mine. Please don't change the source because Karma is a bitch. Thank you). PLEASE FOLLOW MY ART ACCOUNT ON INSTAGRAM @JUULBIRDX_DRAWS

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→ Anonymous whispered : I love your quotes and drawings. I wish I could do that they are so pretty.. :)

Aww thank you so much :) I’m glad you like them :) xo

offtoneverlandmydear whispered : I just wanted to say youre so beautiful and creative. I love your blog

Aaaw thank you very kind fellow tumblr-person of mine :) x

→ Anonymous whispered : please post more! :( my friends are not really replying to my messages lately and i need a friend. xoxo ~Arinator~

Oh Im so sorry to hear that!
Ill try to post more but its quite difficult lately because school just started and my laptop is broken :/
But ill try my best!
Loveya x

→ Anonymous whispered : ayye u is so creative!

Aye thank you I guess :) haha x