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Hey there, I am Juliette and I was thrown on this planet 16 years ago in a small country named The Netherlands. I love art, squirrels, One Direction and a lot of other stuff. I pretty much post a bunch of quotes on here so yeah.. Leave a little message here Pop up my Cbox it makes my day! Make sure you leave your URL aswell and I'll check it out! :) hehe (Everything on here is mine. Please don't change the source because Karma is a bitch. Thank you). PLEASE FOLLOW MY ART ACCOUNT ON INSTAGRAM @JUULBIRDX_DRAWS

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→ Anonymous whispered : Do you have a wall full of your draws?? OMG this is so perfect <3

Haha aaw
Yeah well I covered my walls with all the quotes :) x

→ Anonymous whispered : Where are you from? xoxoxoxooxoxox loveyou

The Netherlands!
Duuuutchies woopwoop! x 

→ Anonymous whispered : heeeey:) haven't heard from mee in like... awhile:3 haha. anyway I was gonna ask mo adviceee:( I like thiss boy and I think about him allllll the time;) anway, Im not really sure if he likes me or not, I mean he flirts with me sometimes but idk and he calls me his sister and yea... </3 xxxxxxxxxx!!!!!! ~Arinator~ ps thxx for the collage its perfection <33

Hey there :) Haha no problem, I had fun drawing it! :)
Yeah it’s hard to find out if someone likes you or not. I recommend spending more time with him to see if he really likes you. And you should try to find out if he’s like that to all the girls or it’s just you :)
Good luck xx 

→ Anonymous whispered : ur blog is perfection

Oh staph it you!
Hehe you’re too nice ;)