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Hey there, I am Juliette and I was thrown on this planet 16 years ago in a small country named The Netherlands. I love art, squirrels, One Direction and a lot of other stuff. I pretty much post a bunch of quotes on here so yeah.. Leave a little message here Pop up my Cbox it makes my day! Make sure you leave your URL aswell and I'll check it out! :) hehe (Everything on here is mine. Please don't change the source because Karma is a bitch. Thank you). PLEASE FOLLOW MY ART ACCOUNT ON INSTAGRAM @JUULBIRDX_DRAWS

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Hey guys,
A couple people on instagram asked me to start an art account on instagram so I did :)
My account is called @Juulbirdx_draws  I post my art work on there and it would be really cool if I could gain some followers because I just started it :)

→ Anonymous whispered : hi juliette i like this guy and he might like me back. we are kinda friends and my friend recently got his # for me. i would tell him that i liked him or even ask him out but im scared it would be way too awkward and i'd regret it and stuff, plus im only thirteen =/ i know the answer will probs be "just be confident!" but it's really not that easy for me and this is really stressing me out so this would be a great help! maybe we could think of a suttle way to do it? thanks - Lillie <3

Hey Lillie :)
Maybe you shouldn’t ask him out on a date yet but take it slow and call him to ask him if he wants to come over to watch a movie or something?
If that’s too scary you can also invite some other friends so there won’t be any awkward silences.  
Just take the time and try to find out if he likes you too, if you pick up some of these sort of signals, you could ask him on a real date!
I know that it sounds scary and I get that it isn’t as easy as it seems but sometimes you have to take the fall. :)
I hope this helped you?
Good luck! :) xo 

rmh15 whispered : I love your blog its so awsome

Thanks you so much :3 xo

→ Anonymous whispered : Haiii<3 Haha. Pleaseee will you try to make another stop motion? (preferably to c'mon c'mon by 1D) ;) Hehe. I also have a question, have you heard the song 'the way' by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller ? Haha shes my obbssessionnn;) xx ~Arinator~ ilyforever;)

It’s summerbreak here in Holland so I probably will have time for a video :)
But I was thinking about something new tho, it’s artsy and 1D related but different than a stopmotion.. hehe ;)
Not sure yet because my accent sucks and I’m afraid of posting a video with my voice in it. :p
YEAH! I love that song, it’s so catchy!
I figured since your name is ‘Arinator’ haha :)
Loveees xo 

→ Anonymous whispered : My friend and I are obsessed with your blog, we always check it during class and even print out the pictures and put them in our agendas. Thankyou so much for doing this! x Sarah and Emily

Aaaw that is the cutest thing ever!
Thank you so so so so much,
you just made my day :) x